Ashley Victory Chocolate Sofa Sectional Review

Acquiring a brand-new living room sofa is a major household purchase. That’s why when you do buy, you wish to do it right. The surest technique of seeing to it you have made a successful acquisition is by getting the finest product. When it concerns sofas it is difficult to beat the Ashley Furniture Success Chocolate Sofa Sectional. This sectional by Ashley Furnishings provides you with every little thing you can prefer in a sofa: style, convenience, and also durability.

This is a two-piece L-sectional consisting of a sofa section and also a corner chaise section. From the floor up, the sofa starts with short and also large square wooden legs, permitting just sufficient clearance to stow away a book or shed the remote control under.

The bottom part of the areas, the backs, and arms are made from an abundant, dark chocolate synthetic leather. On top of this, are the thick seat pillows covered in luxurious, ultra-soft corduroy-style textile of a slightly lighter tone. Finally, the sofa is covered with 10 overstuffed cushions, half the same tone as the cushions and also the other half a velvety beige.

The convenience of the Ashley Furnishings Success Chocolate 50700 Sofa Sectional is unrivaled. This sectional comes in two configurations, LAF and RAF, so you could obtain the chaise area on either side of the sofa, depending on your space and also whichever setup you discover the most comfy. The edge chaise steps 44″ broad x 75″ deep x 38″ high as well as the sofa area is 82″ wide x 39″ deep x 38″ high.


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