Accent the Wall Behind Your Bookshalves

There is nothing prettier compared to a highlighted wall behind an open-faced bookshalves! Choosing shades is easy. Look around your room at your drapes, pillows, carpet( s) and accent pieces. What catches your eye the most? A colored strip from a cushion or the dark shade of a ceramic piece? Or perhaps you could pick the specific opposite of the carpeting shade. You could choose a significant shade due to the fact that all your knick-knacks as well as gew gaws will be placed on the bookshelves before the color that you select which color will really highlight your preferred items. Make a trip to the paint shop and also collect some paint sample papers and also bring them residence. Walk the space and also place those samples beside objects in the space as well as make your choice based on just what you love, what grabs you.

An additional method to add some passion to your project is using the paint surface. On your trip to the paint shop, the sales staff will certainly ask you just what complete your desire for your paint. Matte is a dull coating, satin a little glossier; after that there is semi-gloss and high-gloss. Relying on just what the coating of your wall already is, opt for a contrast. If you have a satin coating, a matte coating will be an included emphasize for your project, giving the wall a somewhat harsh structure.

As soon as you’ve chosen the color and also surface, draw a pale summary around your bookshalves in pencil and then move the bookshalves far away from the wall. Take a yardstick and procedure in 1/2 inch as well as draw one more line. You will be painting within this 2nd line with your paint shade. Prepare the wall by cleansing it first with a mild detergent and after that letting it completely dry entirely. For a project as tiny as this, a tiny roller works great. Ensure that you present any type of lines in the paint as you go. 2 layers is constantly most ideal and 3 if you are painting a lite shade over a dark color.


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